Drive — "We will either find a way or make one"

Drive is about how you run your business, being focused and deliberate about where you are going and how you expend your precious resources and time, it's about being profitable, running efficiently,  removing wastage, it's about customers being your advocates, feeling energised about what you are doing, innovating and adding value through automation, it's about understanding the key insights for your business and feeling in control.

We will introduce you to….

  • Business strategy – how do you go about developing a business strategy, what is your vision and roadmap to achieve this, how do you prioritise effort vs reward.
  • Nourish – how to stay focused and act with purpose, the tips to resilience and dealing with stress and how you stay positive and energised through the influences of your environment.
  • People – do you have the right capability, do you have a collaborative culture, are the people motivated and have a clear focus, do you have retention issues and a clear succession plan.
  • Business Growth - will you grow through new markets or new products/services, who are your customers, what is your unique selling proposition, which channels will you use to reach them (digital, direct, mass media, print), what type of collateral will you use (website, blogs, mail outs, sponsorship, events, brochures), how will you retain them once you acquire them, what should your acquisition budget be.
  • Process – is there an operating rhythm to the business, do you understand your processes and is there end to end accountability, do the key ones have metrics, are they measured, trended and improved over time, do you have knowledge management, visual management, do you understand your risk profile, do you have customer led improvement methods.
  • Financial – do you have a clear budget that is tracked regularly and underpinned by historical unit prices and volumes,  do you know how to increase your cash flow, are insurances in place, tax obligations understood, funding options tested regularly.
  • Systems - what is your level of automation, do you leverage cloud based systems for things such as workflow and accounting.

Who is it for?

The drive material is for existing business owners, those feeling a little out of control, in need of help, lacking structure and a clear vision or just think the business could be run better.

How does it work?

It’s all about you and what you need help with, every owner and business is unique and at different points of the journey.  We are business performance advisors, let us know your worries, your concerns, your pain points and we will fix them for you, close your knowledge gaps and provide you with all the collateral you need.  Don't procrastinate any longer, if you do one thing today, make it count, make the call (0400 335 504) and let's get started.....