How to Get What You Want

Business advice

Remember when you were thinking about buying a new red car and suddenly every where you looked were red cars.  The reality is the number didn’t increase but because it was now important to you your brain some how starting noticing it.  It’s why you can be strolling through a busy airport, checking emails on your phone yet still hear your name being called over the PA or how you can sleep through next doors loud music but as soon as your child cries you’re awake. 

This ability to pick up on the important things is all thanks to our Recticular Activating System (RAS) So what is it?  It sits at the base of the brain, close to the top of the spinal cord.  All your senses except smell go through it.  It’s job is to filter the thousands of pieces of information your body is generating every second from sensors on your skin, sounds you hear, things you see and taste.  It’s the link between your sub conscious and conscious mind, acting like a bouncer at a nightclub, only letting the important information through. 

But here is the kicker, your RAS can’t tell the difference between imagined and real events which is why visualisation works so well and has been used by the sporting industry for years.  To your brain imagining the perfect drive off the tee down the fairway is the same as actually doing it.  Now you can see how powerful this starts to become, suddenly you approach the ball with confidence, muscles relaxed, head down and you swing through just as you pictured it in your mind.  If we translate this into a personal or business sense visualisation works perfectly with goal setting, if you set your goals and visualise what you need to achieve them your RAS will know what’s important to you and start to focus on pieces of information that help you achieve them.

This is not about having a positive mindset and hoping magically things will fall out of the sky, it’s switching your subconscious mind on and using its focus to deliver what is important to you. Tell me who doesn’t want to be more focused, action orientated and successful, make your goals a reality and give visualisation a go.