Jump Start Your Year - What are You Going to Achieve

jump starting your business

Wow, it’s February already, the last stragglers have gone back to work, the summer holidays are becoming a distant memory and things are starting to get a bit more serious as we turn our attention to 2017.  So what are you going to achieve this year, what are you going to focus on, how do you want to improve your life, how do you want to feel? One thing is for sure, if you don’t get perspective, focus and understand what success looks like for you, then 2017 will be just another “drift” year, floating with the current and ending up where life takes you and not where you want to go.

Here are a few ideas on the important parts of your life you can start with and if you need some help with goal setting you can check this out (refer www.fizzify.com.au/for-you/seize-the-day).

Intellectual Life - What books do you want to read, what new skills will you learn, what courses will you do, what pod casts will you listen to, what new people will you learn from, which networking events will you go to.

Health - How do you want to feel, will you start to eat better, cut back on the sugar, drink more water, will you exercise more, walk more, do more activities with the kids, make some space for you, be more mindful, take up yoga or meditation.

Social Life - Will you catch up with your friends and family more, go out and have fun more often, nurture those positive relationships and stop the destructive ones, take a greater interest in your friends lives instead of the once a year catch up, introduce like minded people.

Love Relationships - What kind of partner do you want to be, more patient, more supportive, prioritise more time together, be more thoughtful, reignite the spark or find your courage and tell someone how you really feel about them.

Business - Which new clients and markets will you target, what revenue will you achieve, will you get a better handle on your finances, remove waste, get more structure, set yourself a clear business strategy with performance measures, seek help from a mentor or a business coach.

Financial - What lifestyle do you want, what level of risk will you take on, will you finally do that budget, spend less, save more, shop around for a better home loan deal, take a greater interest in the property or share market.

Emotional What energy and happiness levels do you want, will you spend more time doing the things you love, will you surround yourself with a positive environment, remove life’s negativity, listen to the news less, turn off technology more, be more present, find yourself again.

Parenting - How do want them to remember their childhood, will you be more patient, more playful, less worried about the mess, more nurturing, spend more time with them, be more on the same page with your partner.

Quality of life Will you work less, travel more, enjoy good food and wine, take more time out to appreciate what you have instead of striving for more material possessions, how will you spend your precious days.