Masters of Time

time management

We are born with the promise of possibility but not the understanding of our mortality, a feeling of invincibility that we will live forever and have plenty of time to have our day in the sun, but my friends the clock is ticking.  There is an undeniable truth that we only have a finite amount of time, now this isn’t meant to be all doom and gloom but it is a realisation that time is precious and if we use it wisely we can do amazing things, help others, build successful businesses, raise a family or leave our mark on the world.

We spring clean, renovate and fuss over our prized material possessions like homes and cars but rarely do we put that much effort into our most precious resource….. time to change that.

Tip 1 Where are you spending it - The normal response when someone asks how you are going is to say “yeah good, really busy”, but where does the time go and what are you spending it on?  Your perception and reality of this question are probably very different.  To check, what you need to do is to keep a daily record of your activities, note everything down and do it for 4 weeks so you get a good average sample.  Now use a time map and categorise your time into the following groups 1) being human (sleeping, eating) 2) distractions (TV, social media) 3) social life 4) intellectual life (books, pod casts, courses) 5) parenting 6) love relationships (partner and family) 7) health 8) business/ work 9) emotional life (me time, things that make you happy) and 10) life vision (your legacy to the world).

Tip 2 What are your priorities - Are you spending your precious time on the right things, do you have goals, if like most people you don’t, have a look at this article ( then come back.  Once you have set your short and long term goals have a look at your time map, you should be spending 75% on activities which help you achieve them.  If not, you are most likely falling victim to life’s distractions, let’s have a look at what they are and how we can manage them.

Tip 3 Time wasters - You never want to feel like you have wasted a day, failure to manage distractions can easily do this so don’t be a slave to your phone, turn off those push notifications, don’t take calls or SMS when you are in the middle of something (driving especially!), instead block regular time in your day where you check emails, social media and return calls.   Don’t take on too much, while it might feel good to say yes to everything, trying to multitask to become more efficient can have the reverse effect if you become the bottleneck or you don’t bring you’re A game because you’re exhausted.  Don’t procrastinate, if something is important just do it, you are going to have to do it anyway so why wait?

Tip 4 Time keepers - So how do we stay on track and focused, one of the easiest things is to set yourself a little daily to do list.  It’s amazing how small repetitive completed actions over time can help you keep focused, making big changes in your life.  The buzz of the little wins will also motivate you to become a person of action.  It may sound counter intuitive but taking little time outs for think time can help break through blockages making you more productive.  It’s amazing how you can spend a whole day trying to grind something out yet you might be in the shower or going for a run and suddenly the answer pops into your mind.  To combat procrastination pick the thing you want to do the lease for the day and do that first when you are fresh and full of energy.  Finally, if it all seems too overwhelming, stop, breathe and pick one thing you can do today, be mindful and give it your full attention and get it done.