Running in the Rain

motivation for business owners

It’s Sunday morning, your alarm goes off, you turn over and see the pile of running gear on the floor, left there with good intentions from the night before so you wouldn’t wake up the house.  You look outside, it's cold, it’s raining and still dark and now it doesn't seem like such a great idea anymore.  That little voice in your head says the conditions are terrible and the rational choice is to jump back into bed, but here’s why you need to shake that off, get ready and head out the door. 

Put yourself in uncomfortable positions - How do you know what you are capable of if you always take the easy path, the comfortable option, the path without risk, the one where you know the destination and feel safe and secure.  We don’t know the talents we possess, the inner strength, the will and resilience until we are tested, until we make the sacrifices and push ourselves out of our comfort zone.  The biggest hindrance to progress is not resources or money or time, it’s being comfortable with what we have.  Just once do something that seems a little irrational, run in the rain, jump out of a plane, ring a person you admire but don’t know and ask them to mentor you, you don’t always need certainty, just opportunity and the will to take it.

Follow through - It’s easy when things are going well, when the conditions are perfect but the true test of a person’s character is how they carry themselves when it gets tough, when bills go unpaid, when a relationship breaks down, when you lose your job.  What will you do when the rain comes, will you move forward or retreat?  There will always be a reason to wait, to do it tomorrow, those that succeed in life have that ability to push through no matter what, to find a way regardless of the circumstance.  Where you find and build self worth, where you find and create mental toughness is by doing, by following through and overcoming the excuses.

Form a habit - Funny thing about repetition, you don’t need to be the most talented or the smartest to become the most skilful at something, you just need pure drive and the work ethic to do something over and over again until you master it.   If you tell your subconscious mind that you always push through no matter what, that there is no optionality and you feed that with emotion and repetition it will become your reality.  It will strengthen new positive pathways in your mind and transcend itself from running in the rain to the rest of your day and life.  Suddenly finding a way becomes a habit, getting it done despite the external environment becomes a habit, dropping the excuses becomes a habit.

The Sun is Out - Then that day comes, you wake up, glance at the pile of running gear you put out the night before, you look outside and it's a stunning day.  As you run along with sun on your back and light breeze in your face you notice the hustle and bustle of the world around you, everyone is out today and why not conditions are perfect.  But something is different today, you feel lighter on your feet, stronger and not out of breath, you eat up the miles and those in front of you.  Something has changed, while others slept in their beds you were getting soaked to the bone, when others turned off the alarm clock your hands were numb from the cold wind, you have been to hell and back and now it shows in your performance.

So next time you have your “running in the rain” moment will you go back to bed or take it on.