The Spark - The Power of a Business Marketing Card

power of business card marketing

Business leads can come from the most obvious or obscure places, it might be a chance meeting on a train, a quick chat at school pick up or a referral from an existing client.  You will most likely have just a few minutes to chat about what you up to, establish a connection and part with a promise to send them some more information on your business.  If you are like most business owners you will look to cut and paste from a previous email or grab something off your website which you haven’t updated in ages and fire it away and hope that hits the mark.

Wouldn’t it be great to have something ready to go that captures the essence of your business, why you exist, what you aspire to and how you can help?  Something that looks great, represents your brand and connects all your marketing channels together in a one, easy to digest page…..sounds good?  OK, then let’s have a look at one for your business.

What is it?- A business marketing card is a pitch on a page, a spark which provides a prospective client with a quick and easy way to see what your business offers and more importantly what value you could bring to them. It captures the heart of what you are about, your vision and your brand.  It directs prospective clients to find out more information about you through your website, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn feeds.

What do I do?- One of the hardest things to answer for a business owner is what do you do.  When is last time you thought about this, your offering should not be static and should be reviewed regularly with new opportunities, changes to markets, customer needs and feedback.   Write down all the services and products you provide and group them into clear streams, are you providing a holistic offering, is there something missing, are you doing something which isn’t core to your business, are you doing too much?  When you are done, you will have a really crisp, clear view in your mind of what your business does which will also help you with your verbal pitch.

What is my value to my clients?- It’s great to know what your service or product offering is but what your client wants to know is what pain points are you addressing and why choose your business over your competitors.  You need to put yourselves in your client’s shoes and clearly demonstrate how you will help them run or grow their business better.  Have a look at each of your services or products and outline what are the benefits to them and why they need you, make sure it's simple and clear so your prospective clients can visualise straight away how their life will be better off with you as a partner.

Make it look sexy- OK, normally I’m all about substance over form but after all this is a marketing tool.  Make sure it looks amazing, popping colour, your business logo or brand, formatted beautifully, clearly laid out, everything lines up and no spelling mistakes.  This may be one of the first things you provide to a prospective client, make a great first impression, make it count!

How will they remember me?- Your new marketing card is a great “leave behind”, something tangible you can give new clients when you meet with them.  It’s also a great reason to check in with your existing clients, do they know everything that you do, after all it's easier to win new business from a client who already trusts you compared with a new prospect.  Make sure you highlight how they can contact you and find out more through your points of presence like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Here is the one for fizzify, let me know what you think.

fizzify Marketing Card