Ignite — "I can, I will"

Ignite is about a single spark, a new approach, a new connection, a new partnership, it's about understanding how to scale, how to create a holistic productised offering, how to use your business assets to remove competitors from the picture, how to remove you as the major resource and also constraint of your business, how to tap into partnerships and leverage the power of others and how to keep focused, resilient and energised during a significant time of change.

We will introduce you to….

  • Nourish – how to stay focused and act with purpose, the tips to resilience and dealing with stress and how you stay positive and energised through the influences of your environment.
  • How to Grow – how to expand and grow your business with a business expansion strategy, is organic best through more volume or a scalable product set or inorganic through acquisition of competitors or complimentary offerings.
  • Product – are you offering products or services, can you scale your business without you being there, are you offering a time for service model or do you have a complimentary product ecosystem, do you know what your business assets are and are you leveraging them.
  • Profile – how would you rate your profile, do people seek you out for new opportunities, are you getting value out of your current marketing channels,  do you leverage social media, are you viewed as a business of influence, how do you remove competition from the equation.
  • Partnerships – do you leverage the power of others, have you identified partners with complimentary offerings, do you have a strong referral network.

Who is it for?

The ignite material is for existing business owners who are "good busy", things are going well but you are not sure about how to scale and grow, especially with what feels like only finite resources.

How does it work?

It’s all about you and what you need help with, every owner and business is unique and at different points of the journey.  Let us know your worries, your constraints, your pain points and we will fix them for you, close your knowledge gaps and provide you with all the collateral you need.  Don't procrastinate any longer, if you do one thing today, make it count, make the call (0400 335 504) and let's get started.....