Start – "Make it Happen"

Start is about the excitement of a change, a new beginning, it's about setting your business up right from the beginning, a base from which the business can grow and scale, it's about understanding what the key priorities are now and what can wait, who are the trusted partners to help you launch and how to keep focused, resilient and energised during a significant time of change.

We will introduce you to….

  • Nourish – how to stay focused and act with purpose, the tips to resilience and dealing with stress and how you stay positive and energised through the influences of your environment.
  • Pitch – how to differentiate your business, what is the emotional connection to your customer, what problem are you solving, what is your solution and vision.
  • Things to Consider – what’s the best legal and tax structure, branding and website, business name, domain name and trademarking, marketing and launch strategy, start up financial budget, business plan.
  • Product Set Up – are you offering products or services, can you scale your business without you being there, are you offering a time for service model or do you have a complimentary product ecosystem, do you know what your business assets will be.
  • Business Growth - who are your customers, what is your unique selling proposition, which channels will you use to reach them (digital, direct, mass media, print), what type of collateral will you use (website, blogs, mail outs, sponsorship, events, brochures), how will you retain them once you acquire them, what should your acquisition budget be.



Who is it for?

The start material is for those about to launch a new business or are thinking they have a great business idea but are not sure how to go about making it a reality.

How does it work?

It’s all about you and what you need help with, every owner and business is unique and at different points of the journey.  Let us know your worries, your concerns, your pain points and we will fix them for you, close your knowledge gaps and provide you with all the collateral you need.  We provide assistance for small business, don't procrastinate any longer, if you do one thing today, make it count, make the call (0400 335 504) and let's get started.....